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Feedback Recovery Cake

Feedback Recovery Cake is a Greek innovation regarding its research and production methods, created with the collaboration of Kaplanidis Mills and Dr Dimitris Kouretas, Professor of Biochemistry – Biotechnology of the University of Thessaly.
It is a unique source of protein, with optimal nutrient ratios that make it the perfect food for the overworked body!

Kaplanidis Mills Feedback
Kaplanidis Mills Feedback

The formula that makes the difference!

The combination of whey protein and a mixture of polymerized and free sugars in specific proportions makes Feedback the ideal feed for the overworked body. It manages to create the best conditions for the transport of proteins and sugars into the cells, controlling at the same time the sugars so that it cannot become fat in the body.

New Feedback Recovery Mixes!

With the new Recovery Mixes range, you can have all the benefits of Feedback at your own convenience. Make your favourite sweet and salty creations, rich in protein and always with the perfect proportions to restore your body!

Feedback Kaplanidis Mills
Kaplanidis Mills
Kaplanidis Feedback Recovery Mixes
Kaplanidis Mills Feedback Recovery Mix
Kaplanidis Mills Feedback Recovery Mices

Target Audience

Years of studies proved that its unique formula makes FEEDBACK a valuable ally for anyone looking for a scientifically tested food to help replenish energy.


FEEDBACK is the result of many years of research and clinical trials that certify the beneficial properties of the overworked body.


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