Product Development

When it comes to development of custom products quickly and efficiently, we are one of the leading product development partners in Greece. We are experienced specialists for the development and production of specialised flours, baking mixes and bakery products. We are able to respond successfully to all your formulation and quality specifications.

Supported by effective processes, we translate your ideas into innovative products. From the establishment of the product attributes to the development of the final product, our technical experts will research and analyse the formulation of your product to ensure you’re getting the right product at the right price.


As details determine the success or failure of a product launch, we will guide you in every phase of the development with advice and research-backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We can develop and produce innovations that are attractively priced and high quality, able to strengthen your position in the market. We support you with specialist and regulatory advice, feasibility studies and analysis of ingredients.

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